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A Note From Kurt

The Calvary LIVE Worship Band exists to lift the amazement level of God through corporate worship. Our goal is to craft worship experiences that are beautiful and biblical. We strive to worship in both spirit and truth, creating worship that embraces both the MAJESTY and the MYSTERY of our God. 

I want to thank you for your interest in the area of music ministry at Calvary Church. We believe strongly that leading God’s people into worship is a calling on one’s life and is not to be taken lightly. The followingis designed to let you know what is expected of a worship team member so that you may make a well- informed decision. 

At Calvary Church we are seeking to cultivate a culture of people that enjoy God and find fulfillment in the worship of Him. We were created to worship God and one of the integral areas in which we corporately worship Him is in the singing of His praises on a weekly basis. This task is something we take seriously in the CalvaryLIVE Band. We believe God has gifted all of us with unique gifts and it is our goal to see you be able to serve the local church with those gifts in what ever area is appropriate. 

My prayer is that you will make use of the talents God has given you in the right area of the local church and that he will guide you in your decision making process.


Calvary Church exists to glorify God by helping people enjoy Him as we see lives changed forever. We believe that every detail matters and we have the responsibility to create a distraction free environment so all can worship freely in SPIRIT and in TRUTH. The following information is critical to helping us achieve that goal. Though the heart of those leading on stage is the most important element, the responsibility of those leading is elevated because we want to represent Christ well and give him our very best in every detail. These expectations are intended to help us and you maintain a high level of excellence and to provide a distraction free environment for those who have joined us for worship. 

Personal Responsibilities: 

  • Live the abundant life Jesus Christ promises through daily pursuit of Him. 
  • Avoid the appearance of evil. Conduct life in utmost integrity in all situations. 
  • Remember you represent Christ and Calvary Church wherever you go. 
  • Loyalty to the vision of Calvary Church, always protecting the unity God desires for His church. 
  • Investing and inviting the lost to know Jesus Christ and “come” to Calvary Church. 

Performance Responsibilities: 

  1. There is a required rehearsal from 7:00-8:30 PM on the Wednesday before the weekend services you have been scheduled for. 
  2. Sound check begins promptly at 7:00am on Sunday morning. Call time is however early you need to arrive to be set-up, ready, and waiting by the time sound check is to start. Usually about 10 minutes prior to sound check. Be punctual and prepared. 
  3. Always arrive in enough time to be set-up and completely ready to go before sound check for rehearsal and weekend services. 
  4. All scheduling is done through Planning Center Online. Promptly accept or decline any dates sent to you. 
  5. Charts and mp3s for the weekend services are posted on Planning Center in advance. You are responsible for contacting the Worship Pastor if there is a problem with receiving the materials. 
  6. Charts are allowed on stage BUT it is preferred for you to know the song well enough to go music chart free. 
  7. All team members must have the ability to play live, with a “click” track (metronome). 
  8. When items are being discussed during practice, please do not play your instrument so that everyone is able to pay attention. 
  9. During the worship experience, look like you enjoy being there!  When you are engaging, the rest of the people will be engaged and your lack of excitement will not be a distraction. Sing along, smile and allow yourself to worship. 
  10. All members are required to sit in one of the three morning services for the sermon portion of the morning. 
  11. Do not talk during the sermon if you are off to the side of the stage. Please make sure that you are in the designated green room area if you need to talk. 
  12. Make sure that you are ready to play backstage when there are 10 minutes remaining in the message. 
  13. If you must leave the backstage are or green room area make sure that your team members or the Director of Worship know where you are. 
  14. Do not leave water bottles or other trash on stage during the worship experience. 
  15. Please clean up your stuff and do not leave trash in the green room after services have ended. 
  16. Please enter and exit the stage as promptly and quietly as possible as to not be a distraction. 
  17. If there are consistent violations of any of the issues addressed in this agreement, such as excessive tardiness or lack of preparation, you may not be asked to serve with us again. 
  18. Remember, everything we do is to help lead people to lift up the name of our God and to see lives changed by experiencing HIS presence. We desire people who do not know Jesus to see life in us, and for people who do know HIM, to see our example as we lead worship. What you do and how you lead is so important.

Dress Code

These guidelines do not necessarily reflect what may be appropriate for everyday life, but rather what will be most effective in leading our congregation at Calvary in worship. Our goal is to allow the people who come through our doors each week to see Christ, and not to be in any way distracted by our appearance. The lighting on stage and the elevation of the platform are two of the main factors that enter into what we feel best enhances worship as far as dress guidelines are concerned. 


  • Please wear darker, muted colors as this looks best from the congregations’ viewpoint. Black pants or darker wash jeans work well - no holes please! 
  • Overly clingy / tight fabrics do not work well with our lighting, so please avoid. 
  • NO GUM chewing, please! 


  • No large logos / lettering on shirts, and keep prints to a minimum please. 
  • No deep v-necks. 
  • No low-rise jeans that expose underwear waistband. 
  • No flip-flops or sandals. 
  • No shorts. 
  • Please look neat, well-groomed and alert! 


Pants - Black pants or darker wash jeans - but NO leggings, jeggings, or tights (even with a long shirt). Dressier capri-length pants (not too tight) with sandals are acceptable in warmer months, but no shorts please. No pants made of thin or clingy fabric, and no yoga pants. 

Dresses / Skirts - We have decided to NOT allow dresses or skirts on the worship team. This is due to both lighting and elevation issues. Skirts can appear shorter from the floor level of the audience, and the lighting can make even a long, modest dress suddenly transparent! Thanks for your understanding on this. 


  • Modest (MID-chest) neckline. 
  • No deep v-neck or low scoop neck top unless worn with a mid-chest height cami underneath it. 
  • No cami worn as a shirt, i.e. with an open sweater (a cami should be worn only as an undergarment). 
  • No off-the-shoulder or wide neck tops. 
  • No sheer, see-through fabrics, or lace, mesh or crocheted-type of tops. 
  • No low-back or bare back shirts. 
  • No sleeveless or cap-sleeve tops. 
  • No spaghetti-straps or strapless tops. 
  • Check shirt length in front of a mirror to assure that your top won’t ride up above waistband if arms 
  • are raised in worship. 
  • No sheer or see-through fabrics. 
  • No lace, mesh or crocheted-type tops unless lined by the garment itself (not just with a cami). 

Accessories - Scarves with some color are fine. Jewelry - use good judgment. Think tasteful and NOT distracting! Tasteful women’s sandals are fine as well. 

It would be a great idea to plan ahead with several items of clothing that you know will work well under these guidelines in order to simplify your Sunday mornings! If you feel unsure about an article of clothing, save that for a week when you are not up front and choose something that falls within the guidelines, please. 

Our desire and heart with the dress code is not to be restrictive, but to ensure that when we are leading God’s people, that we not a distraction by what we are wearing.


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